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It's a shortened form and vowel of "Urban Exploration". It is the act of going to and exploring places that are not normally visited or often even accessible to the general public. Such places might include (but not be limited to) abandoned factories, abandoned or derelict buildings, unused nuclear bunkers, old Forts/Military buildings, disused rail yards etc. The REAL urbexer will NOT break in to these places, in fact it's considered VERY bad form. But if a fence happens to be broken down and access can be obtained without causing any damage, then that's considered fair game. VANDALISM and GRAFFITI are NOT allowed, and any rubbish (e.g. food wrappers/bottles) would be taken away after the visit. Photos are often taken just to prove you have been there. Trophies if you will. Due to the types of places that might be visited, urbexing CAN be dangerous and therefor it's a good idea to let someone know where you have gone and your ETA back afterwards so they can raise the alarm if you don't return.
Where have you been today ?

I went Urbexing with friends to Grain Fort. It's a great shame they let Napoleonic Forts like that just rot away.
by Zoe Ballz July 19, 2014
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The present participle verb form of urbex. Urbexing is the act of exploring urban areas that are generally off-limits to regular civilians.

Other names for urbexing are: draining, building/roof/drain hacking, buildering, vadding or shafting.
Cassie: Dude, where the hell werz you at? you missed the game.

Nick: I had to lie low from to popos for a bit.

Cassie: ?whyz?

Nick: i was urbexing wit david and that noob set off a magnetic alarm. it was tiight, we had to hit da brikz tho
by KeRvOshh-KiS November 21, 2009
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Combined words of urban and exploring, to drive around in the city just looking for random things.
Me and Brad went Urbexing downtown, and ended up fighting with the bums.
by WTF OMG BBQ June 29, 2010
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