Very attractive or charming, having to power to draw others to his/her/itself. Being able to exert an influence on the minds of others.
The exchange student had a magnetic personality even if she didn't speak fluent English.

When the guest spoke, the audience was drawn by her magnetic speech.

Student 1: Yo, why is this girl so magnetic?
Student 2: She's got a sexy accent and can talk anyone into doing anything
by world citizen May 10, 2008
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Hot. Fresh. Anything that can be described in positive connotation.
Boy 1: Yo, you see BG's hummer?
Boy 2: Nah dude, is it nice?
Boy 1: It's got like 23 inch rims, a DVD player, killer sound system. Shit is magnetic, yo.

by Pensky April 17, 2006
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That magnetic girl is the one who does not know how to finish a......
by The one who attracks... October 18, 2010
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One of lifes greatest mysteries, unsolvable until early 2010. Until a brave duo

by the name of The Insane Clown Posse filled us in.

Magnets are powered by magic and miracles.
"How do they work?"
by Spidermanstailor April 25, 2010
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A person's draw or mechanical attraction to another person
Lindsay couldn't help but be near John; as her magnetity towards him was heightened from not seeing him in the past few days.
by JDub55 April 05, 2011
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A fucking magnet is an object or material that creates a motherfucking magnetic field and shit. Magnets are miracles and no one knows how they work, though scientists have created many lies to explain the laws of electro-motherfucking-magnetism.
by Sebastian Gorkamorka April 19, 2010
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