Faggots who never publish my definitions because they're mad that I'm right. They probably jack off to My Hero Academia Porn on a daily basis and scratch their balls and cum before they touch their food.
Gay faggot: *Sees my definition*
Also gay faggot: *Deletes definition*
Still gay faggot: *Sees another definition that talks about why autism comes from vaccines and publishes it*
Finally gay faggot: It feels good to lose brain cells by being out out of many autistic Urban Dictionary Editors :D
by MyGlockHard April 22, 2020
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Internet users of questionable intelligence, who have the habit of rejecting completely legitimate definitions while accepting nonsense.
I signed up to be one of the urbandictionary editors but quickly ignored the job when I felt my IQ dropping by the second.
by MC Fred July 12, 2006
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The people that never add my definitions, even when they make perfect sense
I had a perfect definition for Agent 47, but the urban dictionary editors didnt add it, they'd rather add a word like Poop Toe
by wut dey fugg November 02, 2006
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People who work at Urban Dictionary and reject definitions that people have made carefully and accept definitions stupid enough to be in a "Fail" picture.
Teen 1- "My urban dictionary definition was not accepted. I double checked and edited it!"

Teen 2- "It was probably one of those stupid Urban Dictionary Editors."
by Bob Shinder December 09, 2009
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1) A group of more-or-less anonymous people who are pretty much the only line of defense for this site to prevent it from being totally abused. They are pretty much the only thing between you and about 50 million explicit, pornographic, abusive, misogynistic, racist, or just plain stupid entries.
Editors have specific guidelines they must follow. However, these are often vague (especially if it's hard to tell, for example, if a term is just explaining a racial slur, or if it is in fact racist).
If your definition doesn't get published, it could be for one of two reasons:
A) It wasn't that good or
B) Someone just didn't like it for some reason.

In that case, try again...
However, bitching about them probably won't help.
1)Person: "OMG! Those evil facist urbandictionary editors rejected my entry! They suck!!!!"
Other person: "Get a life."
by andriod5 March 24, 2006
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1) A troup of anonymous dodo birds with the IQ of 3, who always reject the proper definitions, and let the abbusive and ignorant definitions be put onto the website.
2) Total bird-brained people who keep rejecting my definitions.
3) This definition would probably be rejected by them, as well
4) Constantly keep their mouse arrow hoovered on top of any definition, to immediatley reject it.
"It was very urbandictionary editors of the teacher to reject my report..."
by Hjselfieco January 28, 2015
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miserable mongoloids who've strayed so far from the purpose of the website with their decisions on what to reject and what to post that its rendered the website useless. if someone wants to actually post an informative urban term it will get rejected unless it contains sexual innuendos , but somehow any douchebag who wants to define their own name to let world know how "cool and amazing they are" will pretty much with 100% certainty get their shit posted. this website is overflowing with useless nonsense and its not even funny anymore. just a testament to the failure of mankind. too bad the mayans were wrong with their prediction of the end of the world because then the space-time continuum would have been rid of this web domain
urban dictionary editors contribute nothing to the zeitgeist and should commit suicide
by fuckurbandictionaryfuckurbandi December 21, 2012
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