1. The maintainance crew/demi-gods of Urban Dictionary.
2. A group of Urban Dictionary users whose goal in life is to spread new colloquialisms, lingos, and jargon to the youth of today.
3. The people who reject other people's definitions, then publish the angry slurs against the editors just to spite the poor sods.
Why the fuck did the Urban Dictionary editors reject my definition when I know that my best friend's screenname is not an acceptable entry?
by losanum January 06, 2006
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The one thing that stands between the masses and the ramblings of pre-pubescent, ghetto-homeboys. This title is easily obtained, but is a public service that the community should use more often, which would keep at least some idiocies off the internet.

Fortunately, most editors have common sense and abide by the rules, although one can be sure that not all do.
Urban Dictionary Editor is a really important job... They need to keep the junk out!
F0 sh0 n1gg4!
by Kevitto August 07, 2007
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Cultureless idiot. Denizen of the most morally deranged corner of the internet's asshole.

The kind of person who will turn down a clever idea but approve entries such as: vjsnipples, qwiboda, and FUAAAA.
I thought he was an alright fellow but then I found out he's an Urban Dictionary Editor.
by ROYGBIV February 22, 2013
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a load of wankers that always choose not to publish your entries for some unknown reason. probably due to the fact that they are american and dont understand irish humour. or they are crap at geography.
bunch of cunts urban dictionary editors
by kunstable March 14, 2007
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Guy1: Did Urban Dictionary add your post?

Guy2: naw man, the urban dictionary editors were too busy adding stupid shit like dildough
by Sumpistdude July 03, 2010
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a bunch of fat people who sit in dark alleyways with rats and spend the whole day shoving dirt up their ass, jerking eachother off, constantly eating eachother out with their rotten teeth.
I hear some kind of noises of pain coming from a dark alleyway, I look down the alleyway and see some urbandictionary editors giving eachother hand jobs.
by bjc2002 February 19, 2013
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1: Dude, I submitted a really long definition yesterday, and the Urban Dictionary editors rejected it for no reason!
2: That sucks.
by Lucio Soph August 06, 2010
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