total gaylords. they are usualy found in dark alleys eating feces out of eachothers assholes,and or giving eachother rusty trombones. they reject the coolest words submitted
while walking down the street i heard a moan from the alley way, it was just two urbandictionary editors eating eachother out and giving eachother hand jobs simotaneously.
by big black spicy dildos January 21, 2009
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A platoon of unscrupulous rapscallions who pass all the racial, sexual, prejudicial slur definitions under the sun, yet have a fetish for rejecting actual legitimate definitions which were made to educate the common reader.

They adore and often get themselves off to definitions of poor grammar which involve angst-ridden prepubescent teenage girls ranting about how apparently bad their ex-boyfriend was.
They however despise any definitions which contain actual informative content with long descriptive paragraphs and words that their sprocket-sized brains have never processed before.

If you're thinking about posting a definition just keep this info in mind.

"omg dis iz 2 lon i dun wan 2 reded dis, rjectd!!!111! >>>>:(((( ddfidsiufhdusoi"

Also here's "Urbandictionary editors" because I apparently need to place it in the example section for some discernible reason.
by Weaselcake June 20, 2013
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1. A bunch of 12 year olds who have nothing better to do than waste their time on the internet, breaking other 12 year old hearts by rejecting their definitions.
2. 50 year old pedophile looking for a sexual definition that seems appropriate to fap to
Urban dictionary editors: I just submitted the word Cleveland bukkake!
50 year old pedo: *reads definition of Cleveland bukkake* Aww yeah, that is some hot sh*t! *faps to it.*
by Fads123 December 28, 2013
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a group of nazi-like control freaks who get off on approving or denying definition enties on www.urbandictionary.com
dude, my entry was denied by urbandictionary editors.
by Abgar's Girlfriend January 06, 2006
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a group of lifeless fags who thinks they're cool

YOU ARE ALL TWATS =========> suck my dick
dude 1 : im urban dictionary editors
dude 2 : you are a TWAT
by fuckyouUDE October 17, 2010
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Apparently so busy that they just auto deny new definitions. I bet this one won't get pushed through.
I sent a definition 2 minutes ago, within 5 seconds of clicking the link in my email I get the dreaded "Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it." How nice. Typical lazy Urbandictionary editors
by Hatermansomething25 May 30, 2013
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The reason why your definition is not published on Urban Dictionary
Most urbandictionary editors are starting to reject freedom of speech. In fact, this definition might get rejected.
by NHRHS2010 August 13, 2011
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