A gay faggot is someone who is gay, or is attracted to male genders whilst being a male and a faggot is someone who has their pants sagging down
Mike was a gay faggot last night, he sucked a dick!
by TRex1st is gay March 06, 2020
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1) a homosexual male who prefers sex with women; 2) an indirect, and rather confusing, way of referring to a man as straight; 3) When uttered in front of others, an effective way of publicly declaring that one is a complete idiot with a woefully limited vocabulary.
I guess I'm not so good at homosexuality, I keep having sex with women, I'm just a fuck-up, a real gay faggot.

He just called that guy a "gay faggot," he must be a complete idiot who never adequately mastered the English language.
by SmartBoi September 21, 2010
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(n) a homosexual. syn: "fruit," "queer," "fairy." antonym: "straight faggot."
Say, you sound like a gay faggot!
by stewart June 06, 2004
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Gay means happy and Faggot means a bundle of sticks.
"Oh those guys is such gay faggots." Male said scowling at the
happy homosexual couple.
"Wow, didn't know I was a happy bundle of sticks." One of the homosexuals replied sarcastically.
by Darkangle March 04, 2007
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