My Friend: Hey what do you have to do after school today?

Me: Well I always have a to do list left for me.

Friend: What’s on it?

Me: Ur Mom
by hahaha6161 March 5, 2020
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That one word that you can not come back from a roast when someones says that to you!
Billy-His brain explodes*
by OKBUDDY February 14, 2019
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Ur Mom (Yoor' Mäm) n.
A way to let your home dogs know that you are sexually attracted to their birth mother leaving them with confusion on what you actually meant by this. Any bystanders will then outrageously yell ohhhhhhh leaving them with more confusion than the conversation started with.
Home Dog: What you doing over there
You: Ur Mom
Bystanders: Ohhhhhhhhh!
Home Dog: 😕
by Jeromeismehnamr March 1, 2015
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a big object that is as big as 2.5 whales, 5 suns, and 3.597 piles of earth
And is your mother

this is commonly used as an insult
a man: Wow that thing is big as Ur Mom wooow!
The other Man: Wow I hate you stop

A Man was slain by The other Man.
by Racercooper November 11, 2021
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The thing that manufactured you.

Also a comeback.
guy 1: Dude what made me?
guy 2: Ur mom
by Turtles_ January 29, 2021
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Something Carl Wheezer tells Jimmy when he asks who Carl wants to fuck and suck
Jimmy: Who do you want to bang

Carl: *Vapes* Ur Mom
by Missionarydog69 November 7, 2019
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Ur Mom is typically very big gay. However does sleep with all your friends as they like to remind you at any opportunity possible. The information is usually followed by L.O.L (Lily’s on lawn).
“Hi, how are you?”
Ha ha ur mom gay lol, I want to die
“Me too”
by MyFuryRomance07 March 25, 2019
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