a brand / a way of life created by a crazy crazy bunch of drinking, riding, skating, pain inflicting video making nuts from the blue mountains.
slain has a crew,clothing/merch and videos!
by -SLAiN- January 19, 2008
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to push your bike when you could / should be riding it.
slain (to), slaining.

I saw Joe the other day, he was slaining.

"aren't you riding there?" "Nah bro, I'm gonna slain it."
by frederico February 7, 2014
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When something has you dead af. You can't even laugh anymore, it's so funny.
(Comment under video of Carly Fiorina falling off stage)

Slain!!! 😂😂😂
by Rolan Otherell June 3, 2016
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If you know anybody named Slaine , then without a doubt you are unfortunate .
He is well known for sounding between a gypsie and a British Justin bieber
He has the power to get any girls number , then lose it straight away.
Although he walks a terrible life of being haunted by the spirit of passed away dogs which causes his PTSD forcing him to lunge himself out of a McDonald’s drive thru window but is aided by the his rambunctious dominatrix of a boyfriend who happens to be greek
Oh man here comes Slaine, clench your butt cheeks now
by MrDiddles March 15, 2018
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When you are too drunk in the spirit that you cannot move your body without assistance from others, immobilized in the glory, pressed down by the heavy weighty drunken glory
Mom was totally slain in the spirit last night at a home gathering where we all feasted and drank the new wine of the gospel of Jesus Christ, everyone seemed a bit intoxicated and shined with radiance in the fellowship we experienced together.
by HeavensDrunkenPleasureAddict October 29, 2022
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a AWESOME brissy christian band consisting of 5 greatly tanented musicians. a metal band with a vocalist (matt) who has 1 of the coolest growls ive ever heard. totally tear up the stage with their kickass music and all their hardcore fans/friends tearin up the moshpit with heavy movements to the music. 1 of my favourite bands to this moment. they play at music festivals in australia such as sonfest and Australian Gospel Music Festival. met the singer playing die humpty die, and hes real cool to talk to.
did u see slain of myself at AGMF? they got the biggest crowd out of all the metal bands. WAAHOO THEY ROCK!!
by scotty April 26, 2004
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The most seen text on every LoL player's screen.
You Have Been Slain
Enemy Double Kill
Enemy Triple Kill
Enemy Quadra Kill
Enemy PentaKill
A summoner has disconnected
by xLil_Fuckerx October 10, 2018
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