ur family LGBT - God himself trembles to the sound of this insult being uttered by any mortal the sun implodes and fifty black holes form around the earth it self. the person who got insulted self implodes at the same time he self combusts.
friend 2 : ur family lgbt
friend1: * explodes while corpse ignites on fire simultaneously causing the literal end of time it self*
friend2 lol
by Shs12#SHOI March 27, 2018
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The only insult worse than ur mom gay and ur dad lesbian. The person you say it to might die.
you so gay that ur family transgender.
by the meme behind sean March 13, 2018
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The absolute, downright, worst comeback in ANY type of language. All other “Ur” comebacks are mortals to this one.
Billy- “Hey peter
Peter-“Hey billy, guess what?”
*billy’s face then melts, and he is instantly not worthy of hell or heaven, he just wonders in darkness for eternity*
by ChrisJerichoFozzy March 20, 2018
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Worst insult in any language. Puts Ur grandpap a trap to shame. The only know counter is “No u” followed immediately by “ur sisters a mister.”
1. Ur mom gay
2. Ur dad lesbian
1. Ur granny tranny
2. No u
2. Ur grandpap a trap
1. *falls to knees*
1. Ur family tree LGBT
2. *Banished to shadow realm*
by Zigtec March 20, 2018
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The ultimate insult. Everytime this is said, 1 planet is destroyed and the recipient of the insult is sent to purgatory.
1: Ur mom gay
2: Ur dad lesbian
1: Ur granny tranny
2: No u
1: Ur sisters a mister
2: Ur brothers a mother
1: Ur grandpap a trap
2: don't make me fucking say it
1: do it you won't
2: ur family tree LGBT
*World explodes, 1 is sent to purgatory for the rest of eternity*
by DOOONKEH June 9, 2018
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Word that only niggas who have transcended past existence can use. If used correctly, could shatter the universe and every dimension in existence. Nothing happens to the nigga using it due to the transcendence effect.
Random Person: Ur mom gay lol

Nigga(enraged): ur dad lesbian!

Scared person: um hehe, ur Granny Tranny haha

Nigga(final transcendence form): ur family tree bi

Person: Implodes and fucking dies

Universe: Shatters and dies
by TheFirstTranscendedNigga March 13, 2018
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The imortal god of “ur” jokes


AFFESTS THE INNER MOST SOUL!!! If some one survives they will have major PTSD
Joe: u smell like butt

Jim: no u

Joe: ur mom gay
Jim: ur sister a mister


*Jim dies of eternal suffering and herpes and other stds, face implodes with the rest of his body
by Imtheurjokegod February 19, 2019
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