Bobby Chong (same character from ISF) has just finished his highschool year and decides he wants to go into post-secondary. He seeks his school counselor for adivce, she looks at his transcripts, rubs her eyes once, then twice, and bursts out laughing. Bobby Chong is confused, the counselor is still laughing but this time in a sorta pitty way. She looks at him and says hunny you have ISE. Bobby Chong looks clueless and snags his transcript away from the counselor, he takes a glance without saying anything nor swearing but he has the look of embarrsement on his face,and soon a shed of tear drops. To save himself some face and dignity; Bobby Chong walks out the door with his head down and thinks to himself....."SON OF A BITCH! FIRST ISF, AND NOW ISE, I F*CKIN NEED TO RE-EVALUATE MY LIFE"
by JNL January 12, 2005
Internet Simplified English (also Internet Stupefied English) is a set of grammatical and spelling rules which aim to aid the mentally impaired people in their everyday Internet communication.
Allen: to all des fools out here u dnt wat a true friend is n if u think u do trust me u dnt
Betty: We don't speak ISE here, Allen.
Allen: ise wot r u talkin about u dumb or sumtn
by wayward April 1, 2007
The ability to live in a world of "what is". presence Living in the Now.
by NapDynoGosh April 25, 2005
a word used when "adriane" doesnt know what she is doing .... instead of "is" writes "ised"
umm i d k what to write because i cant think of an example....maybe mad-e can!
by Adriane May 8, 2005
A phrase sneaky assholes use to cheat themselves out of promises, however, they haven't read this and don't realise they must keep their 'Prom Ise'.
Person 1: I prom ise to do this thing as long as you do this other thing. *Person 2 does the other thing then asks for the first person to follow up on their side*Person 1: No.
by theworldlasa January 14, 2018
Luke I hate, how your always Mir-ising me! All I wanted was to hang out with you in an obsessed manner, and you my friend turned me down. Such shame.
by Rub one off June 22, 2009
When your lookin fresh 2 death and you freeeze girls in their path
These chicks walked by and I ised-um in their path.
by thebkz August 8, 2019