4 definitions by ChrisJerichoFozzy

The act of placing yourself on the floor in a Star-like fashion, then telling your partner to “Put together my peices baby.” Then He/She/It precedes to fuck you like the little bitch you are.
Pitcher-“u want this dick by”
Catcher (Floor Puzzle)-“ya bich
by ChrisJerichoFozzy March 5, 2018
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The absolute, downright, worst comeback in ANY type of language. All other “Ur” comebacks are mortals to this one.
Billy- “Hey peter
Peter-“Hey billy, guess what?”
*billy’s face then melts, and he is instantly not worthy of hell or heaven, he just wonders in darkness for eternity*
by ChrisJerichoFozzy March 20, 2018
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A Wrestler who frequently acted like a hillbilly on telivision in the 70s and 80s. He also got more into his character by fucking all of his kids at the Family Reunion
Rick- Hey Jim, dont fuck those kids
Hillbilly Jim- *precedes to fuck 12yr old nephew*
by ChrisJerichoFozzy March 5, 2018
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