This is five times worse than ur granny tranny. Every time this is said the fabric of space a time rips.
Bob: ur mom gay and ur granny tranny.
Josh: Don’t make me say it bro.
Bob: you won’t Bitch.
Josh: ur sisters a mister.
*Bobs head explodes and the fabric of time and space rips destroying Jupiter*
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An insult that you can use instead of ur mom gay or ur dad lesbian.
Bob: Hey Steve ur mom gay
Steve: Oh yeah? Well ur dad lesbian
Bob: Ur sisters a mister
Steve: *all brain cells explode and Steve fucking dies*
by Franklin521 April 21, 2018
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The ultimate form of the worst words to be used, even greater than "ur mom gay";"ur dad lesbian";"ur granny tranny" and "ur grandpap a trap". Those words can hurt a person emotionally,physically and psychologically.
David: ur mom gay lol
Frank: no u
David: ur dad lesbian
Frank: ur granny tranny
David: ur grandpap a trap
Frank: ur sister a mister
David: *explodes into oblivion and his soul is being eaten by minecraft youtubers*
by urmom_gay_slayer_no_u_xddd March 14, 2018
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A very dangerous phrase, not to be used lightly. Has risen from other primitive phrases such as ur mom gay, and ur daddy lesbian.
Carl: Ur mom gay
Dylan: ur granny tranny
Carl: ur sister a mister

*every world ceases to exist as God himself falls down onto his knees and weeps
by Swaggysplooosh March 14, 2018
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This word is only used after your vicious enemy uses the world ending saying “ur pappy trappy”. “Ur sister a mister” can reverse the world ending and causes a blackhole to suck the earth into a bottomless pit of darkness.
Bill-ur pappy trappy
*world starts to end*
Jon-ur sister a mister
*world stops ending, and blackhole shows up infront of the sun*
Stephen Hawking- my theory was right. Only the mere saying of “ur sister a mister” can cause a black hole
by Sheebyguythememeking March 18, 2018
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even worse than ur granny a tranny. If someone says this, the world literally stops and everyone dies.
Zucc: ur mom gay
Steven: ur daddy lesbian
Zucc: ur granny tranny
Steven: *only slightly offended* ur sister a mister
Zucc *literally fucking dies along with everyone else except for Steven*
by shsshellysdick March 13, 2018
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Only use this phrase if you are prepared for the consequences. This phrase is the offspring of “ur mom gay” and “ur daddy lesbian,” and the breeder of it was Satan himself. It is the worst thing that you can say to someone. If the arguments gets to “ur grandpap a trap” and it’s your turn, chain yourself down before you use this. It’s deadly.
Steve: ur mom gay lol
John: no u
Steve: ur dad lesbian
John: ur granny tranny
Steve: ur grandpap a trap, ha, no coming back from that!
John: *chains himself down while fire sprouts from every hole of his body*
Steve: *explodes into atom size pieces that are on fire as Satan pulls his soul down past hell to the unknown
God: *tears pour down his face* holy shit!
by Thicc Lobster March 24, 2018
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