One of the most catastrophical insults on the internet. It can only be used by the most savage individuals. People affected by the insult usually die through instant cardiac arrest or suffer from permanent PTSD.
Anton: Lol ur mom double gay.
Gab: You'll need more than that to insult me.
Anton: Ur dad lesbian.
Gab: *heart fucking explodes*
by Bible boy March 08, 2018
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One of the forbidden insults known to man, if you say this the other person gets obliterated.
Jim: ur gay lol
Jack: no u ur dad lesbian

Jim: *implodes*
by Nopen384 May 12, 2018
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The worst insult in the world worst then ur mom gay(which is pretty bad)
Jake:hey ur mom gay
David:well your dad lesbian
Jake:has a heart attack then develops cancer then goes into a com and finally dies of brain eating bacteria that made him have no iQ so he shot himself because he didn't know how to hold the gun.

by um well By:IHaveEbola!!!!!!!!! October 15, 2018
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An ironic statement, demeaning towards your dad. It implies he is a lady(or a sissy) and enjoys the company of other like-minded individuals.
Guy: ur mum gay

You deeply inhale
You: Ur dad lesbian!
Ground burns, oxygen depletes.
by Johnny665 March 16, 2018
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