The worst insult possible in the entirety of the English language, ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, and ur granny tranny dwarf in comparison.
1:ur mom gay
2:well ur dad lesbian
1:no u
2:well ur granny tranny
1:but ur grandpap a trap
2: *explodes into dust, immediately in hell*
by father_anxiety March 12, 2018
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The worst thing you could say to somebody every time its used the universe gets 1 step closer to imploding.
Carl: Ur mom gay
Greg: Ur dad lesbian
Carl: Ur granny tranny
Greg: Ur grandpap a trap
*Universe fucking implodes and kills everyone*
by Schmlif March 15, 2018
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13 times worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny a tranny, and ur sister a mister. A star explodes each time the phrase is said.
Tom: ur mom gay .
Tod: ur dad lesbian.
Tom: ur granny a tranny.
Tod: ur sister a mister.
Tod: *explodes*
*sun blows up*
by Elongated boi March 14, 2018
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The all over worst thing to can say. Worse than ur mom gay, ur sister a mister, etc.
Carl: ur sister a mister
Jake: ur grandpap a trap
*god himself falls on the floor and starts crying ending all humanity*
by Howisthismemenotdead March 18, 2018
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This is the most offensive and destructive thing you could ever say to another person, once spoken, the victim of this statement will instantly lose all of their credibility and pride. If you say this to someone, their families will be forced to abandon them, and they will self-destruct shortly after. Napoleon Bonaparte used to use this insult to brutally massacre his mortal foes.
Borthwick: Ur greasy
Gretchen: Oh yah well ur keg has smeg
Borthwick: Ur mum gey
Gretchen: No u
Borthwick: Ur grandpap a trap
Gretchen: *bursts into a fiery inferno and is shamed for all eternity*
by Meatloaf Salad March 15, 2018
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The ultimate roast, conquers ur granny tranny. Be warned, is lethal so use with caution
John: ur granny tranny
Rick: ur grandpap a trap
John:*every atom in his body is violently ripped apart causing an explosion that knocks out a city block*
by SomeSturgeonKid March 15, 2018
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The strongest insult of all.
If anything is compared to this, even 'ur granny tranny', it will be instantly fodderized, that's how fucking bad it is.

This is extremely fuckin' risky, it's so risky, that there's a 0.008% chance of the sun transforming into a blue supergiant star.
Ben: Hey faggot, your granny tranny.
Steve: Little does he know..
Ben: What, trans-grandmother haver?

* The sun disappears from sight in the bright blue sky, and appears as a blue supergiant, absorbing the inner 4 planets , and destroying the asteroid belts.
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