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The ultimate form of the worst words to be used, even greater than "ur mom gay";"ur dad lesbian";"ur granny tranny" and "ur grandpap a trap". Those words can hurt a person emotionally,physically and psychologically.
David: ur mom gay lol
Frank: no u
David: ur dad lesbian
Frank: ur granny tranny
David: ur grandpap a trap
Frank: ur sister a mister
David: *explodes into oblivion and his soul is being eaten by minecraft youtubers*
by urmom_gay_slayer_no_u_xddd March 14, 2018
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even worse than ur granny a tranny. If someone says this, the world literally stops and everyone dies.
Zucc: ur mom gay
Steven: ur daddy lesbian
Zucc: ur granny tranny
Steven: *only slightly offended* ur sister a mister
Zucc *literally fucking dies along with everyone else except for Steven*
by shsshellysdick March 13, 2018
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Ultimate insult, it WILL kill you, watch out! Can only be blocked with a reverse, mirror, or a no u.
Jon: Ur sister a mister.
James: No u
Jon: *Double dies*
by Drillby March 16, 2018
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An insult more powerful than "ur dad lesbian" but not as powerful as "ur granny tranny"
"ur dad lesbian" Jerry said to Leo
"ur sister a mister!" Leo responded
*Jerry dies*
by Grendman March 22, 2018
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A very dangerous phrase, not to be used lightly. Has risen from other primitive phrases such as ur mom gay, and ur daddy lesbian.
Carl: Ur mom gay
Dylan: ur granny tranny
Carl: ur sister a mister

*every world ceases to exist as God himself falls down onto his knees and weeps
by Swaggysplooosh March 14, 2018
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This is five times worse than ur granny tranny. Every time this is said the fabric of space a time rips.
Bob: ur mom gay and ur granny tranny.
Josh: Don’t make me say it bro.
Bob: you won’t Bitch.
Josh: ur sisters a mister.
*Bobs head explodes and the fabric of time and space rips destroying Jupiter*
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This word is only used after your vicious enemy uses the world ending saying “ur pappy trappy”. “Ur sister a mister” can reverse the world ending and causes a blackhole to suck the earth into a bottomless pit of darkness.
Bill-ur pappy trappy
*world starts to end*
Jon-ur sister a mister
*world stops ending, and blackhole shows up infront of the sun*
Stephen Hawking- my theory was right. Only the mere saying of “ur sister a mister” can cause a black hole
by Sheebyguythememeking March 18, 2018
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