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Upto combined word made out of 'up' and 'to'.
Can be written separately (eg: "three up to five")

definition see example.
- untill
He was running all the way upto the gas station!

- what's going on
What are you upto?
by Fukaface! December 13, 2010
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The Australian way of asking someone what they are doing. Usually a cue for immediate hangs.
Bloke: Upto?
Bloke 2: Not much budda, hangs?
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by Joontas May 11, 2016
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An Australian slang asking you what you're upto? Asking what's up? Also Another way of asking to hang out
"Oi bruzzah uptos?"
"Nothing much just chilling"
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by Bruvvah_lad@22 July 23, 2016
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A person who thinks they are cool and are all talk. Similar to metro but their main objective is to be the centre of everyhting and be a part of whatever is 'cool' at the time.
Look at that guy wearing sunglasses at night and thinking he is a cool guy.. what an up to
by Fredda May 07, 2008
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