Indulging In sexual congress Involving more than two and less than 4 peoples.
Preferably with more than one female.
"shift your leg love Its Interfering with me spam"
by El Cholo June 3, 2004
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Practice game for putting for golf
Ryan invented three-up but Donny tries his best to take credit.
by donnyblows June 14, 2019
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To marry and have three kids as soon as possible, in spite of the environmental impact
I can't wait to marry and three-up. It's what everyone else is doing.
by go out laughing October 24, 2017
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Means you are an absolute pussy magnet who fucks unlimited bitches
Nick is holding three fingers up, he must get so many bitches
by nick27qq April 17, 2022
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meaning very good, a rating. 2 thumbs up + penis as third thumb
she's 3 thumbs up, the dinner was 3 thumbs up, the movie was three thumbs up
by Robert Geary July 18, 2006
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Means you got hella money and you get high like kobe every day
by kill4troy April 17, 2022
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