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Black like a crow,
The niggarow!
Damn shitty swarm of niggarcrows all over the place!
Take out the pesticides!
by Fukaface! April 10, 2019
Ghetto niggers!

Hot dog sausages!
I'm polite. I'll never say the word "Nigger" in public.
I'll just call them knicker knackers.
by Fukaface! August 18, 2018
Becomes a popular sports in the western world!
People steal korans, and publicly burn them to a crisp.

An alternative instructional video called "how to dump the koran in the toilet, because it's too big to fit the sewer pipe" has also had high ratings on popular websites!

Muslims don't care about offending others. Others now don't care about offending muslims, and would love to distribute disgusting pictures of prophet muhammad (that gay uncle fucker), Allah (a red animal with horns, and a tail and lives in poop), and would also love to distribute howto's (like how to burn the koran, how to use it as toilet paper, how to have vaginal blood on a koran, how to dump it in a pigsty, and how to use the leafs of the koran on a truck when transporting human waste.
Koran burning has become popular lately!

Ow yes, but nothing beats using it as poop scoops! They burn much better that way!

My dog has an issue where every time he has diarrhea he tries to do it on the Koran! It's a practice he took on ever he saw that picture of allah naked a bathtub doing some anal sex on pigs.

Yeah, it gets to you, these koran stories! When we burned that crap for good the world will be a better place!
Koran burning makes for some good firework!
Ow, and burn some muslims too!
They're gay asses, and deserve to die!
by Fukaface! June 12, 2011
The expression you get, when a nigger is asked to work, asked to count to 10, asked to stay off of drugs, or speak proper English
Nigger: "Niggaa Beeyoom buu buu pathaww!"
Educated man: "Speak English you black turd slave!"
Nigger: "Wha, Yuu no understan mee?" ʘ_ʘ
by Fukaface! December 3, 2019
a more refined female nigger or nigro, that is generally skinny or tiny in build, educated, and conform to live in western society.
She does not (like the rest of her family) live off of foodstamps, koolaid, and fried chicken, but instead has a more sober life.
She is good enough to scrub floors, and do the laundry, and usually is a hardworking, polite and friendly being.

There are not many of them.

Many times a teenager niglet can be mistaken for one, but a true nigrette has leveled up from her.
She is living in the top of the female nigger society, is looked upon as what every female nigger dumpling wants to become; a woman who earns an honest buck!

She, unlike her african jungle family, is raised in the city, has a reasonable normal appearance (never comes up with weird fashions,like changing her hairstyle every 2 days, like the 'bee-nest-hairstyle' nigger, the ultra-wax nigger, and the double-wig niggers), and knows how to behave herself in superior (whitey) company.
She also knows how to raise her niglets well enough not to be an environmental pollution like the others.

Nigrettes are not from the same make and model as the FAT, loud bambonigger mama's out there!

And if a nigrette may get lucky, she can snatch herself a whitey boy that the whitey society had cast out!

She has accepted racism, and lives trying to let her attitude convince whiteys, rather than speak only 2 sentences: 'racism', and 'I will sue you!', like her nigross family
Look there, a nigger bitch that for once is not an annoying eyesore!

Yes, she is a nigrette, the top of the nigger society, and probably the only nigger in town that will send her children to college.

I can't believe my eyes! You don't see that every day!
by Fukaface! January 2, 2011
Also, the poopman.
Comes in his poop truck to suck the poop out of the sewer system (and other things that get stuck there).

The poopman is very popular in places where they have cesspools in the houses (like in the majority of Europe)
Oh my gosh! The poop collector is digging with his poop scoop in the poop truck's storage space, looking for gold!

Nah, he's just stirring the poop!
He loves the poop so much that he can't wait to make love to it when he's home!
by Fukaface! June 1, 2011
When an undeveloped, boorish individual, often of black heritage, with a personality disorder, is trying to fit in with other undeveloped, boorish black individuals, they often repeat this phrase.

Also could mean when a black person is trying to give a present to another black person; a present in the shape of either plain shit, or moving shit (a niglet)
Nigger 1: Ay, yo! Nigga!

Nignog 2: Nigga whattap? Nigga Shii!
by Fukaface! December 1, 2019