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Refers to pear shaped, hanging tits that are hanging like bags.
Large tits can be compared to grocerybags, small tits to tea-bags.
Any tit that is not pushed up, or round or pointy in appearance, and does not hang too much to be called hangtits.
Lucky you didn't end up with Sara Paxton! Her titbags are as small as tea-bags!
by Fukaface! December 17, 2010
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Like what happens when you request all niggers to do a job,
When you call on 'tasmanigga' in Windoze, (unlike Task manager, which takes control of the tasks), taskmanigga usually does nothing.
Taskmanigga is just a freeloading, good for nothing program on your pc, that robs you of your online munni!
Nig 1: Shii, my PC frowze!
Nog 1: Control + Alt + Niggakey, calls on taskmanigga.
Nig 1: Damn! PC blew up in smoke!
Nog 1: Typical Negro behavior.
by Fukaface! February 15, 2020
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Quite often people's shapes, are compared to fruits, like pear, melon, or banana shaped.
The only shape that has no fruit connected to it is the hourglass shape.

Body parts like breasts can be compared to shapes too:
Melons (full and round), pear shaped (half full, most people have this), pointy (where the nipple sticks out), hangtits (hanging banana's), or flats (no tits)
Yeah, you have something there that men love! Just go for it, and have fun tonight!
by Fukaface! December 17, 2010
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When a gay person is such an emotional drama queen, that he's called dramational queen.

It could be because he's not able to face the fact that 99% of the world is considered straight, or just that a man doesn't love him.
Straight guy: I am straight
Gay guy: Oh, No! My life is now in ruins! I will never be able to see myself in the mirror again! (gets a gun and shoots himself).
He's such a dramational queen
by Fukaface! October 10, 2020
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A black bush negro, who inhabits forests, builds homes from sticks, beats other negroes and anally spikes them with sticks when punished.

He's known as the sticknigger, as everything he does is with sticks.
Black dirty wide eyed stick negro jumped out the bush, with a spear!
Them stick niggers should be skinned in the wood logger!
by Fukaface! July 8, 2019
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short abbreviation for version.

A language developed by mostly teenagers and youth called turbo language, makes use of shortened words.

It not only allows them to feel cool, but also allows them to say more in a shorter time by doing less effort.
'sup, ha y'all doin'?

prev (previous),
nigg (nigger),
STFU (Shut The Fuck Up)
pos (piece of shit)
fag (faggot)
Mofo (motherfucker)
ver (version)
reg (regular)
prem (premium)
by Fukaface! April 23, 2011
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What niggers say when they don't want to associate with niggers, but in reality are niggers!
Dirtyassnegro: Yo'sup'm'br'h'niggahmathafakka?
Dirtyassnegro: No Nigger!
by Fukaface! December 4, 2018
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