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The literal word comes from the French, and it means 'hat'.

Aside from meaning 'hat' it is also used when giving someone respect, a short way of saying 'hat off' or 'I'm so impressed, I take my hat off'.
I can swim 600 feet under water

Chapeau! Something I'd never be able to do even with training!
by Fukaface! January 24, 2011

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A form of beetle (bug) found in the wild.
A scary beetle with horns (this is a badass beetle)

How Beavis and Butthead call eachother
Huh-huh.. You're an Ass Beetle!
by Fukaface! December 17, 2010

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Someone who studies and specializes in the male organ.
A doctor that checks up on the testicles and has to look at someone's dick for eg diseases (STD's), or misshapes.

A plastic surgeon that specializes in operations to the male organ.
"Man, I had sex with this woman, and now I start to have a rash on my penis."

"Visit the Dickologist".

"My penis is too small; I can't pleasure my wife"
"I heard the dickologist at 49th street can lengthen it with a small surgery".
by Fukaface! December 15, 2010

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A male who penetrates the anus of another being.

A term used for a gay person.
Man, you're so gay! I bet you love that assdriller to penetrate you any time!

Those villagers are all assdrillers. When you don't look they have sex with any animal they see!
by Fukaface! December 15, 2010

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When you want to add a word in urban dictionary dot com, and you can't find 5 synonyms, antonyms, related words or misspellings, you add 'no other tags'

Also meaning 'no other tags'
I put the word "the" in the dictionary. I really don't know any synonyms, antonyms, related words or misspellings; I just put 'no other tags'.
by Fukaface! February 02, 2011

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A photon not made of matter nor anti matter.

It absorbs light, and the best way to describe it would be a strong graviton pulse that absorbs converts matter into energy and absorbs it.

Due to it's structure, not much is known, as it absorbs all waves that come in contact with it.

Also called a small black hole.
Probably will be invented in 2300AD, and can be used in arms.
Dude, I went to the future, and saw a guy shooting what looked like a black photon. It left a trail of ice and burned a hole and penetrated any matter, and left it frozen.

Oh, yes, it's a niggerphoton.
Unlike a normal photon that radiates energy, an niggerphoton only absorbs energy!
by Fukaface! January 29, 2011

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Refers to tits that are hanging very low (often to the navel or lower).
Quite often older people, fat people, and people who do not wear bra's end up having them.
I went on this mission to the Amazon, where few people wear clothes. Not that they needed them, women had hangtits all the way to their vagina's!

For real, anything is more attractive than that!
by Fukaface! December 17, 2010

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