the largest university in Texas. Due to the 10% rule and relatively good academics, many high school seniors apply here as a safety school. It is probably the largest safety school in the South because they weren't able to get into a private, often Ivy League, school instead.
Student: Hey where are you going to school next year?
Future Texas student: Well, I didn't get into MIT or Yale, so i guess I'm headed to the University of Texas. At least they have a good football team...
by Jane26 November 07, 2006
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also known as tu

students are called tea sippers because they are a bit limp wristed

Full of hippies and queers
the university of texas is the 2ns best university in texas
by JP January 28, 2005
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1. A school known primaryily for its football, though it has three less national titles than it's superior rivals Oklahoma.

2. A school embarrassingly immune to logical or coherant thought, most exemplified by the God-awful nickname of it's mascot, BEVO!!!
Guy 1: God, who thought Bevo would be a good name for a mascot?

Guy 2: The University of Texas.

Guy 1: Oh, well that makes sense now.
by How does 5-7 taste? December 07, 2010
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a school for hippie liberal left wing queers who like to have sex with their sisters and family and suck longhorn cock.
dude i loved sucking your dads cock last night good thing i go to the university of texas
by hate tejas August 26, 2008
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University of Texas is for rejected IVE league-wanna-be-bound Students who had to resort to a fallback school whose colors are burnt orange( being the colors babies shit out their ass), with a mascot being a cow (should we be shaking of fear?)-way to represent the state of Texas guys. A&M has a dog that could possibly have an aggressive aspect to it, and thank god at LEAST one of the Texas schools represented in the big12 has a mascot with a GUN huge props TEXAS TECH.

In the middle of a city, the campus is stacked up upon itself purposely so students who are hippie-mary j smoking freaks have something to look at while discussing their liberal beliefs in the conservative southern part of the country. HEY smart asses, if you all were so smart why didn’t you just go up north and bitch about liberal politics up there? Oh wait you WERENT smart enough to go there that right, my bad.

All the fruits attend this school in hopes that it will boost their ego and self esteem.-when it wont. Just makes them look even gayer.

Texas thinks they are the shit. Even though this past year the only team they couldnt beat in football was Texas tech university- way to get owned after all yalls shit talking HA. UT students think they are so smart-especially when they dare to consistently make fun of other schools such as A&M and TexasTech for example; ranting about how low their grades are and hope stupid they are when in REALITY there’s probably more STDs floating around UT Campus due to the anal-hippie-lovin-gay-sex, then what goes on up in Lubbock.

And oh wait, sorry Other Texas schools don’t suck cock for good grades and money to stay at UT.

UT is over rated. they need to get the long horns that are so stuck up their ass its causing stupidity due to glorifying their cult of orange shit-cow praising-anal fucking 'AWESOMENESS' YOU go UT woo!-Not.
Jim: Hey man where you go to school that allows me to wear colors that babys shit out their ass and so i can be a snobby cock-sucking homo?

Bob: dude University of Texas all the way man. its the biggest over rated school EVER. best part. your mascot is a cow.

by BAMFJen101 March 05, 2009
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A large, public university located in the city of Austin.

Commonly referred to as UT.

The only thing larger than the size of this school may be their ego. UT students think they are the best school in the state, and greatly look down upon Texas A&M. Many UT kids believe that the A&M students are just UT rejects, but in reality the Aggies are the ones who got accepted into both schools and chose the one in which provides a great education, a humble and friendly group of students, and an overall more welcoming and safe environment. Plus, Maroon beats Burnt Orange any day of the week.
Me: I'm going to Texas A&M.
Longhorn: you must've been rejected from the University of Texas.
Me: Actually I was accepted into the University of Texas. It was my fallback school in case I didn't get into A&M. Now please, go change out of that burnt orange shirt before I stab a fork into my eye.
by NMarshall July 12, 2016
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