Australian term relating to alcoholic beveridges. Similar to bevvy or bev.
Sink some bevos tonawt?
by Notgettingmuchatm June 8, 2007
The name for the Texas Longhorn mascot at the University of Texas at Austin. The name was derived after a loss to UT's oldest 'rival', the Aggies. The rare loss to A&M led to a prank in which the school mascot was branded with 13-0, the final score of the game. The Longhorns turned it around and named the mascot Bevo.
Man, be careful or Bevo will get loose and gouge your eyes out.
by ut_spencer January 29, 2009
To get screwed, or "bent over" by an over-zealous, over-reaching person or entity. Someone who would stab their own mother in the back for the change in her pocketbook. Treasonous and domineering.

A gay connotation may or may not apply, depending on the situation.
Did you hear? Our company is in the middle of a hostile takeover bid...we're gonna get Bevo'd.

His gay lover pimp-slapped and then went all Bevo on him.
by Oldschl July 14, 2011
Bevo is a wild beaver who lives in the small English country town known as Frome. He likes making dams and smoking blunty piffs.
Look at Bevo, what's he doing?
by chicken nug March 28, 2017
Drinks especially alcoholic ones.
After work lets hit the Corro and have some bevos
by sikchode September 1, 2007