to take a woman's anal virginity before her regular one.
it was really dark in there, i might have pulled an unger.
by Buzz Killington October 15, 2007
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One who ungs (See ung)
Oh gosh, that guy I was with last night was an unger, it was so annoying
by Evangeline Pelaiga July 8, 2009
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n. Refusal of a beer refill (often after only one) by placing one's hand over one's glass, usually to the disdain of one's friends.
Jeff, you've only had one beer. Don't tell me you're going to pull an Unger!
Jose, sólo ha tenido una cerveza. ¡No me digas que vas a tirar de un Unger!
Jörgen, du hast nur noch ein Bier. Sag mir nicht, du wirst eine Unger ziehen!
!Xóõ !Hõã !Xóõ !Xóõ !Hõã !Hõã !Xóõ !Unger!
by BSA_2012 November 3, 2012
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Hottie McHottington from Hottsville who goes to MHS.
Man, that Unger is so hott, I just want to bang him.
by Zoda lover December 15, 2004
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Creepy, senile, fertile old man who talks like a parrot, has uneven teeth, and teaches History at Rocky Hill School
by Fizz June 1, 2004
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A funny, well behaved person. Always trying to make someones day. They usually end up being a teacher or counselor due to their want to teach and explain.
That girl must be an Unger look how she is explaining that math problem to her.
by The Unger July 21, 2011
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verb. to always bail on one's friends, especially when plans have been set for some time.

synonyms: flake, dodge

noun. a generally unreliable and shifty character

not to be confused with anand, a belligerent drunk
Wow he just pulled an unger.

Seriously? He missed the meeting again? Such an unger!

No he's not here...he ungered out.
by Onewhocarryseedsinbasket October 11, 2011
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