A cheerful, friendly, sarcastic person who likes to think of himself as 'god's gift to all women'
I'd like to think of myself as an anand but my fellas won't let me
by Ash_trinity October 31, 2006
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anand is a different breed, he is a black BEAST, only melanin flows through his body
by kulukulu November 2, 2020
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Smartest and genius of time
He is damn perfect for a relationship partner as he takes much time to love someone but when he does he keeps till it's life. He is just perfect to have. He likes to do things in perspective. He is a silent guy but when he is frank and jolly with his friends and close ones
by Yhmksjdhdhxhc January 16, 2022
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the ultimate superman able to leap tall step stools with a single bound. Though seriously - a soux chef, a friend indeed (when a friend is in need), an intellectual, although politically misguided, capable, stylish, fun, superman! - Renu

a person who has a love of many things, specifically women and gadgets. Through the course of collecting both the person many times forgets where he left either or what it's original purpose was. But the love always remains. - Mukul

one who always wears hats! - Hardeep

my Shabu-Shabu buddy :) - Menka

one who never leaves his neighborhood, never returns people's $ or belongings, but has a BIG heart + I love dearly. -Varsha

a person who loves Texas football more than me - Chirag

Anand, your hospitality, humor, sports allegiance (UT) and Facebook updates (ALL OF THEM) make me feel privileged to have met you and, more importantly entertained by you. Happy Birthday! -Navin

A genuinely great hearted person who is generous but has a very messy office. :) -Soumya

One who is one of the few last gentleman-maybe that's just the side that we see :) Happy Birthday Anand. Keep Rocking - ???
We love Anand!
by The Organizer April 5, 2010
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To act like a tough, fake bodybuilder or J. shore character, and then cry like a little bitch when your "love of your life" for a year breaks your heart

To act like an anand means to work out like a meat head, and think your all tough, but really you are a pussy and your girlfriend really has a leash around your neck
Jevon: Where is Steve?
Lenford: Haha, that bitch ass has been ananding a lot lately

John: Yo dog i have been working out so much lately
Jevon: Please don't act like an anand
by supaman619 October 15, 2011
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