You’re an absolute hottie ❤️💞😝🤪🥰😍🥵
by Whyyy89473 March 30, 2021
"Dang! Kina and Alex are the definition of hotties!"
by baes June 11, 2014
Hawty/ Haughty/ Hottie are all slangs derived from the English word 'Hot'. They basically describe the appearance of someone.

The literal meaning is Sultry: Sexually attractive.
Person A (guy): 'You are nothing but a hottie.' (He means she is very attractive. He does not mean that she has a high temperature.)
Person B (the attractive girl): 'You flatter me.'
by PublicCritic October 21, 2013
Price William is a hottie!
And damn, that Kate Middleon is lucky
by Vaai April 20, 2011
Mainly English, although used by some Canadian hussys. Extended version of Hot, enabling it to be often shouted across to someone informing them how good they look,resulting in them seeing you too.
"Dave just called that Lesly a hottie and she smiled back, he's in!!!
by Russell Williams December 2, 2005
What the girls in the example pictures were not.
Those girls were not hotties. I'm going to find a picture of a real hottie.
by tamtam27 October 29, 2010