It's When Someone Never Had Sexual Intercouse Through The Ass.
Mary Lost Her Anal Virginity Through Double Penetration
by Jimmy_Willock February 27, 2018
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someone with a tight asshole that has yet to be penetrated or
Denise was an Anal Virgin until Dave tapped that asshole.
by tapthatass September 8, 2005
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A man or woman who has not been fucked up the bum yet.
Boy1: Jesus, that guy is such an Anal Virgin!

Boy2: I know, he won't let me anywhere near him.
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This is a female who has never had anal sex or anything inserted up her ass.
She couldn't take a dick up her ass so she has to be an anal virgin.
by DIphoeniX December 2, 2007
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That thing one loses when they sit on something that slips past the sphincter.
John lost his anal virginity after being drugged at the gay bar.
by Xtofury April 3, 2018
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An anal virgin is a guy who has never been fucked in his asshole.
I was an anal virgin until I came to the Academy -- now, several other cadets fuck me regularly!
by eda-skip June 27, 2022
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