Jock 1 : So where do you wanna go ?
Jock 2: MHS !
by BeatFreak66 July 22, 2011
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MHS is a creepy smile which, if directed at you, will indicate that at some point, they will try and make out with/pull you, irrelevant to your state of consciousness (ie, sober or drunk). This is usually something that you don't want to happen, so you tend to try and avoid the MHS.
'"Be careful, he's giving you a full MHS!"
by missdarlin___ February 24, 2011
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MHS aka manor high school is home to year 7s that think they are hard and get rude for no reason year 8s who are wannabe roadmen and suck off the oldest year 9s who send nudes to the same guy and are suprised that they get leaked also fake depression and self harm year 10s who are the most irrelevant year and year 11s who gass the year 8s we always wonder if mr Grieff and Restell will ever grow hair and if Mr flax and Mr king are on a sex offenders list it seems as if the whole school is full of smart Indian kids and a headteacher that is obsessed with “zamozas”
MHS is a shit hole
by Getmetiktokfamousalready May 27, 2020
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MHS means "Must Have Spotify" i.e. when sharing a playlist
on a social networking site one should notify the readers
that it is for spotify!!
#listeningto #(insert artist name) "(insert track name)"... omgggg soo sweet!!! I ♥ this playlist sooo much!!! #listentoithere-> (insert spotify playlist or shortened spotify link) MHS

Omgg this playlist is soo good! (insert spotify playlist or shortened spotify link) MHS
by Sweetrevo October 29, 2009
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"mh" can be the phonetic sound when agreeing to something
"Have you done your homework?"
by Neko-chi November 1, 2011
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