Another name for a curveball in baseball. Origin unknown.
Sandy Koufax is famous for freezing batters with Uncle Charlie.
by Tyler R. July 25, 2005
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Has your dog ever begged for more food? The definition for Uncle Charlie is when your pet eats himself fat or until his belly gets big and round.
" Man your dog is fat!"
" yeah, he kept begging for more food so he Uncle Charlied himself."
by saltlord May 23, 2018
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to give/recieve a hand-job over pants/garments. Usually common in heavily populated areas, restaurants, cabs, movies ect.
John: Yo mang! You hook-up with that girl last night?

Arnold: Well the bar was packed so she gave me a quick uncle charlie under the table
by Gus. E April 22, 2009
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radio slang for the FCC
oh man, hide your illegal CB amplifier, uncle charlie is coming
by VICTOR SIX OWNS YOU October 13, 2003
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(n) Another name for Charlie Sheen's character on the CBS hit sitcom Two and A Half Men. Usually he is referred to that by his nephew Jake Harper.
Charlie: Well buddy its that she wants something different in a relationship from your Uncle Charlie.

Jake: What does she want?

Charlie: Uncle Charlie

Jake: What do you want?

Charlie: Your Uncle Charlie.. and we both can't have me.
by Unknownma4411 May 29, 2010
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usually found in farms in south vietnam, and runs his own version of ebay, most commonly involving young vietnemiese farm hands that he will sell for some "hot loving"
"whos that old cong down the road?"
"oh, thats uncle charlie"
by Terri April 22, 2004
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A variation of a charliehorse that is aim at either the tip of the urethra or the ending portion of the rectum resulting in an awkward feeling that you have been violated by way of a creepy uncle...

Named Charlie.
"dude why are you walking so funny"
"i have a butt ache"
"wtf? -- why!?!"
"because that douchenozzle kyle gave me an uncle charlie to the rectum it sucked"
by Lukanian-7 / RedAlert9098 March 29, 2009
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