9 definitions by Terri

When a dude slaps his dick in a chics face and leaves a mushroom imprint.
by Terri March 02, 2004
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Theres more to a juggalette then just being a female insane clown posse fan. A juggalette does'nt care what you think about her. She dont depend on a man but loves havin them. A juggalette is down with the clown for life. She listens to icp and other phycopathic artist.
A juggalette is all ways down wit the clown.
by Terri January 24, 2004
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Stuff that makes even the most constipated individual have an ass explosion.
I took some Metamucil an hour ago and ended up with the worst intestinal contractions known to man.
by Terri March 02, 2004
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Similar to Metamucil but a bit worse. This shit will make you shit oil outta your ass for weeks!!
My grandma takes mineral oil and has frequent underwear accidents.
by Terri March 02, 2004
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A person who will do anything to please another or will copy them.

Can also be used as a verb : licking bum.
You: "I like dat TV show, it's well safe."
Friend: "Yeah innit, well safe."
You "Ah, you're just a lick bum."
by Terri March 05, 2005
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