A derogatory term used for the purpose of describing a Vietnamese person.

(Derived from the term 'Viet-Cong', a term ued to describe Communist North Vietnam)

See Also: Gook
The cong jumped out from the tree and knocked me out... next thing I knew I was in the trunk of a suped up car.
by Da Man April 14, 2003
A male thong. A thong used for a cock.
Therefore called a "cong".
Girl: I bet he wears a cong
by inacurate0.01 June 13, 2016
a retard, or someone known to do retarted things, like asking if funions are really onions.
are funions really onions? - ryan conge
by michael comer May 15, 2008
shortening of congratulations, to reward someone. used particularly sarcastically.
-whats that? oh its a melon.
-oh congs..you idiot.
by Emma Sueref February 18, 2010
To lead someone, or something, to their death

Pronunciation: Cone-giay
"I will conge you into the ocean!"
by Conge February 4, 2017