The fat pink toad faced bitch from Harry Potter.
Who's Umbridge,
You know The fat pink toad faced bitch
by Supreme Lord of Darkness May 02, 2016
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A character in Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix that has a toadface and is fat like a pig. (I think so) She is hated by all of Harry Potter fans becuase she does bad stuffs in Hogwarts and everyone gets annoyed with her words of hell "hem hem" when she intterupts someone.
1. "Hem Hem"
2. "Omg Umbridge is so retarded!!!"
3. Umridge = Umbitch
by LetsGetHimTarded October 23, 2004
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Name comes from the Harry Potter character Dolores Umbridge. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Umbridge teaches at Hogwarts and is also in charge of all discipline. She frequently tortures students as punishment and is the most infuriating character in the series. HATED by all, she is rather passive-agressive, hiding her evil tendencies behind a disgustingly sweet and girly mask. For example, her office, where she forces Harry to carve the words "I must not tell lies" into his own skin, is entirely pink and covered with pictures of kittens. Even though she's technically not a "bad guy" because she doesn't work for Voldemort, she's easily the most hated character in the series.
by PotterGeek19 December 07, 2010
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Someone who is absolutely rude and controlling. Someone who is commonly called a "cow" followed by "MOO". an umbridge is someone who likes to play mother in another mother's family. An Umbridge is also some one who is two faced and likes to call the cops along with start family drama.
Wow Chloe! My dads new girlfriend is such a bitch! From now on, we are going to call her Umbridge.
by stripeDninJa00 August 20, 2014
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Pink, female toad; an insult to humans
You are such an umbridge
I’m reporting you to the principal
by October 19, 2020
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Ahhh, Umbridge. Not this bitch again! Toad faced lady.

A fictional character from the Harry Potter Series.

Her first appearance was in the 5th book, Order Of The Phoenix.

Many potterheads show much dislike to her as she's annoying.

She wears an ugly pink outfit that makes my eyes bleed.

In the books she is described to have a large, a broad flabby face, wide slack mouth and very little neck.

She is played by actress Imelda Staunton, age 63, born 9 January 1956.

Nice lady, Umbridge ain't though!
Person 1: Which person do you not like in Harry Potter?
Person 2: Oh, definitely Umbridge!
by I'mJustASlytherin September 11, 2019
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