umbridge: that small trail of hair below the navel that leads to the pubic area
Mary 's umbridge was hidden by her swimsuit.
by My Man Mike January 06, 2017
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Pink, female toad; an insult to humans
You are such an umbridge
Iā€™m reporting you to the principal
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by October 19, 2020
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Umbridge- Harry Potter character who everyone hates. If you like her, well, face the facts. You don't. Words frequently used to describe her include, (but are not limited to,), toad, fattie, bish. Admit it, you wanted her dead more then you wanted Voldemort dead
Umbridge was one of the charecters who survived. Can you imagine?! Killing Fred, but not a toad?!
by September 14, 2020
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Definition: the opposite or antonym of an orgasm.
"When I saw her revolting toadface at the door to the Room of Requirement, I had a sudden multiple umbridge. Puked my guts out from violent hatred and sheer misery."

"If you keep talking to me like this I'm going to have an umbridge."
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by Kekkoen June 25, 2021
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Ahhh, Umbridge. Not this bitch again! Toad faced lady.

A fictional character from the Harry Potter Series.

Her first appearance was in the 5th book, Order Of The Phoenix.

Many potterheads show much dislike to her as she's annoying.

She wears an ugly pink outfit that makes my eyes bleed.

In the books she is described to have a large, a broad flabby face, wide slack mouth and very little neck.

She is played by actress Imelda Staunton, age 63, born 9 January 1956.

Nice lady, Umbridge ain't though!
Person 1: Which person do you not like in Harry Potter?
Person 2: Oh, definitely Umbridge!
by I'mJustASlytherin September 11, 2019
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