*staring intensely at a pink lollipop stick* These people dont have any colour sense bro. What is stick coloured bro? This is a weirdass looking red bro!!
by molly80085 December 21, 2016
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A word girls wear written across their butts.
Half the people in my study hall today were wearing sweatpants with, "PINK", "LOVE PINK" or some variation on the latter stamped on their asses.
by Blinx-the-kitty February 12, 2009
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It’s a color that looks like this: 💕💗💖💞💓🌸 It’s a really pretty color even tho some people say that It’s a “baby color” “a brat color” and even “a gay color” You can make it combining red and white, and you can make it as light or dark you want. There are a lot of pink shades. The most popular ones are “rose” “baby pink” and “hot pink”. My personal favorite is baby pink. What’s your favorite?
Martha: OMG you are wearing pink you are such a baby
Lena: well actually pink is a pretty color and it isn’t a baby color
Martha: no you are wrong
Lena: how about those socks of yours that say “I love you dad”?
Martha: ummm- I-
Lena: nothing to say huh
Martha: *runs to the toilet crying*
by Arianas rat February 9, 2021
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PINKS: (Colloq) Slang corruption of the formal SubGenius derogatory term PINK BOYS, meaning any sheeplike status-quo normalcy dupe, living in terror of making his or her own decisions, usually possessed of an unusually 'blank' facial expression, characterized by mental temerity
masked by physical self-assurance. Term does not refer to skin color, sexual identity or proclivities, or age, though it does derive from black slang for "suburban white man." What is "pink," in the Subgenius
definition, is their outlook.
"Sure, they're Pink, but their money is green."
by Lyra721 December 3, 2007
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You're not a real man till you stop hating this color
by My yee 2 May 1, 2021
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1. Color seen as the most stereotypical "feminine" color.
2. Singer (real name Alicia Moore) who started out doing rap, then pop, then more emotional (but not emo) pop. Married to Carey Hart, who has begun referring to himself as "Mr. Pink", not only because of his marriage but because he likes Reservoir Dogs.
1. "I don't know, she's bound to like something pink."
2. "Eh, Pink's okay, but what she lacks in range she makes up for in the body department. Carey Hart is a lucky bastard."
by kev07 August 20, 2006
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