Drama that is started and created unnecessarily by a family member that has to do with some aspect of your inner family circle. An innocent family member will inevitably be affected and probably brought in to the drama trap. The innocent will usually be named as the person who created this drama. This is usually a result of off-season drama.
I can't believe that she's starting all this family drama b/c she thinks I didn't buy her kid's anything for Christmas.

He's starting some family drama b/c he thinks I'm getting more than my share of the money that (insert deceased family member's name here)left for us.
by spasticmama February 3, 2006
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A cast, or group of drama students, who become so close during rehearsals that they are like a family!

See also Drama Geeks
I'm off for a night out with the drama family!
by LadyMabeth:) April 25, 2011
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