Ulugbek is a type of a guy who has enormously huge cock. And he can easily satisfy any lady.
All the girls want to ride Ulugbek's cocky mocky )
by patience260810 November 25, 2021
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A great person; Someone who is kind and wholesome. An individual who is very intellectual and strong.
Oh! That's Ulugbek walking by! What should I say to him? He is so handsome...
by FredrikK79K December 12, 2021
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Ulugbek is a male name of Turkic origin. Means "Great", "Elder", "Great Lord". Consists of two words: "Ulug" (great) and "Bek" (lord, leader, sovereign). Ulugbek is a very noble, kind and modest man. An open-minded, communicative, although a little introvert. Ulugbek is curious, very smart and hardworking. He is well versed in exact sciences and medicine, and also loves animals. Has a compassionate heart. People must be very lucky to have a friend named Ulugbek. He will always support, protect and never betray those he loves.
- Ulugbek is an outstanding Central Asian mathematician, astronomer, educator, poet of the 13th century.
- Ulugbek? Oh, I know him! This guy is brave and madly strong.
by Kamilla__s November 22, 2021
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Muslim boy who is clever and honest. Hurts noone until he is hurt. He is a rare type of men.
The man was very clever and honest (Ulugbek)
by Sitora2005 November 20, 2021
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Intelligent boy with a good attitude. He is kind to his close people, but rude with others. He is a great friend, and a good example for others.
Ulugbek means a great person.
by Navruz November 21, 2021
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Is a real UZBEK MAN WITH iron balls.

the character is always the father's (fucking hard) but the gait of a fighter. can put a dick on you if it pisses him off and helps in difficult times. Ulugbek is a MAN WITH IRON BALLS!!!
Ulugbek is so Fuking curisous!
by Hoockahshiiitt November 23, 2021
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Ulugbek name meaning is Great chieftain. Ulugbek is a Muslim boy name and it is an Turkish originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 7.
by Ulugbek November 22, 2021
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