Someone who does it all night.
Girl #1: I met this guy Friday night and we went at it until sunrise.

Girl #2: He must have been an astronomer.
by AbnormalBoy September 16, 2004
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large beyond comparison. Just BIG.
I have an astronomical amount of work to do for the end of the semester.
by Kayode May 3, 2007
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So fucking awesome that you dont even know how fucking awesome it is cause if you did your fucking head will EXPLODE
Tom:Dude Carla sucked my dick so good,IT FELT ASTRONOMICAL

Cesar:You serious?How much did she cost?
by TwitterCessarMF August 23, 2010
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A very large object, usually meaning huge, big, or gigantic. Many people use it in a sentence that has to do with a memorial statue, or just a large object in their house, or at an amusement park.
The sequoia tree was so astronomical, it was over 52,500 cubic feet!
by Akhaten October 27, 2014
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An Astronomer is somebody who study outer space things and the stars. For example, Benjamin Banneker, He is known in black history to be the first African American to become an Astronomer and a Scientist.
Benny: I'm an Astronomer.

JJ: Yyyyeah right. boy
by jfbklbdfdkdalkkbnfk March 8, 2019
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