Uber is a ridesharing service based in San Francisco. The company uses a smartphone application to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.
Uber drivers are just glorified taxi drivers.
by Zantura November 14, 2014
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they are sometimes cool calm and chill other times they may have their bad days and they'll freak the f*** out of you and they will come to you and talk about there B.S.
that Uber Driver was such a freak! : that Uber driver was cool!
by Purplefizz4 March 04, 2017
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This is a saying alot of youtubers say or exaggerate when a uber driver passes their stop or goes a different way.
Viewer: Calm tf down he just took another route and told you to put a seat belt on.
by I got the words August 20, 2017
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A viral video recorded by a cunt who called an uber just to fuck with the driver the whole ride. She cancelled her ride last second so she wouldn't have to pay, and then pretended that she wasn't at her destination with the aim of provoking the driver into hurting her so she could sue for quick money. Luckily her plan didn't work.
Girl: Hostile uber driver refuses to take me to ER! WhErE aM I???2?

200k+ dislikers: yeah no bullshit
by bruhthisismyhandle August 18, 2021
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Somebody who always gets asked for rides with nothing in return
a personal taxi driver that doesn't get payed to haul their friends around out of the kindness of their heart-- usually gets used and taken for granted.
Dude, where's the unofficial uber driver? I need some Taco Bell.

My unofficial uber driver said he'd be here an hour ago, I hope he doesnt think im a mooch.
by Sempitality July 12, 2017
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