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a name used to describe someone who is amazing and excells in everything they do. They are outgoing, athletic and brings smiles on everyones faces. Many people look up to them and lovethem so much. They are pretty and always are there for you.
Margret is amazing; i wish i was with her right now.
by Niki G. June 12, 2008
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This is a name from Iceland, girls with these names are normally hipsters and like nirvana and the doors. People with this name are often INFP personality types.
Wow, look at that hipster. Her name is probably Margrét

You're such a Margrét
by secretfanofnirvana November 23, 2012
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Margrets are usaully short with brown curly hair. Very smart in everything, so nice to everyone but at the same time very shy. Margrets are pure and beautiful inside and out and instead of making you forget your problems she helps you with your problem. Get yourself a Margret
Margret your so pretty!
Margret is so rad!
Margret is so smart!
by Random friend that is nice December 23, 2017
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