To be controlled by a computer without human intervention
That frickin plane was UNmanned son!

Air Traffic Controller #1 - why did that plane just crash, did the pilot not have time to pull up?

Air Traffic Controller #2 - There was no pilot dude it was a frickin UNmanned plane flown by a computer, the thing is bitchin for a 1988 revival!!
by m3zane June 6, 2012
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The act of losing one's manhood. Equivalents in various languages were common in antiquity when the castration of men or boys to produce eunuchs as servants in households of the rich was common. Another way dating from antiquity in which one could "unman" a man was by sodomizing him after his defeat or capture in battle, as happened to T.S. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia - during World War I.

In more recent times, "unmaning" a man survives in male prisons through the anal rape of weaker men by stronger ones.
T. S. Lawrence's memoirs relate how the Turkish governor of Arabia had his soldiers beat and Unman him after he was captured. He never recovered from having his Manhood taken from him.
by BxMuscle January 9, 2011
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Noun. A term bestowed upon those (only male) who suffer from at least two social/behavioral/physical/mental flaws. These can include "unlucky," "unintelligent," "unhandsome," or "ungrateful." Based on the story of Steve, as chronicled in Vadim Shefner's "The Unman" (from Russia). Steve is supposedly the first Unman, who had five "uns": unhandsome, unintelligent, unoutstanding, unlucky, and another that escapes the Definer of this word for the momment. Do not confuse with "nerd," geek," or "loser," as a true unman is neither of these. In the end, a true unman will also rid himself of his "uns" and get everything he ever wished for.
I must work hard to rid myself of my three "uns," so I will not remain an unman forever and shame my family.
by Guru Alexander July 23, 2005
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A man who has lost his manhood. Not a woman, not a man. an unman.
1: "What happened to Tom?"
2:"He's an unman now."
by grrraah. November 23, 2009
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An Unmanned Gear (UG) is a piece of weaponry seen throughout the Metal Gear franchise (examples: Dwarf Gekko, Gekko, Raptor, GRAD and that’s all I can think of)
Guy: Hey have you seen the new Unmanned Gears of MGRR, the Dwarf Gekkos are back
Guy2: yeah
by ValentineFloofer July 20, 2022
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