Lawrence of Arabia (real name Thomas Edward Lawrence) was one of the most important Person in the Great War, He along with other British Officers was sent to support and trained the people of the Kingdom of Hejaz to fight against their overlord The Ottoman Empire and sometimes as a leader in one of those raids too and after the had war ended for a year, the plane that carried him crashed, both the co pilot and the pilot was killed but Lawrence miraculously survived with only broken shoulder and ribs, later in 1922 he wrote his biography “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” Which was later made into a 3 hours movie called Lawrence of Arabia, And sadly in 1935 he was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident in Dorset and later died.
Roy: Dude remember the time we watched Lawrence of Arabia?
Jackson: Ummm yeah it was fun but the only problem of this movie was it’s length dude like 3 fucking hours by the end of this film I almost peed my pants but otherwise a good film
by LindFich September 14, 2021
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An aggressively adventurous handy with no form of lubrication whatsoever.
Last night my girlfriend gave me a Lawrence of Arabia. It was like riding a camel naked into a sand storm bareback with a piece of sandpaper for a saddle….Wildly uncomfortable yet somehow intriguingly exciting.
by chameleon December 2, 2016
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When someone is the Lawrence of Arabia, they are typically one that can be seen on the 6:00 news on channel 4. A Lawrence of Arabia also has the ability to coin certain terms, one of the many is giving someone the nickname Bruno
Did you hear about the guy that tried to eat a beehive? He’s such a Lawrence of Arabia!
by Hank the tank3890 September 1, 2022
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