The Ultimate Man, the Chad to out Chad all Chads, the Alpha Male of the Alpha Males. If a woman were to look in his direction she would immediately orgasm. His jawline is a perfect 116 degrees. The absolute Chad to end all absolute Chads. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Oh you're in a happy relationship with your girlfriend/wife? This man will kidnap her and give her the most severe case of stockholm syndrome that has ever been seen to man. Next to this superior human you will look like the weakest soy boy faggot in history. TL;DR: This man is an absolute Chad x100000.
"What a fucking Giga Chad." ~ Anyone who's watched cuckold porn.
by JustLetMeMakeAHandle September 22, 2019
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Tony Mcflurry: Have you seen that Giga Chad?
Lightning Mcqueen: Yeah, it's the person reading this.
by Joeguy817 September 5, 2022
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Conquering more territory in 16 years than the Romans did in 300, and being the ancestor of 2%+ of the world's population. Giga chad personified.
by Amar1905 April 3, 2022
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You may as well call him Jesus' fuckin older brother, this guy would cause every female to see him have an orgasm and this guy will just push the bitches away, he shows respect to most and doesn't to fuck women to impregnate them. Man should be his own religion.
Girl #1: Holy shit it's him, oh fuck yes it's our giga chad.
Girl #2: Fuuuck I want him.
Giga Chad: Out of the way I don't have time, but lookin good tho.
by Booz Bol June 21, 2022
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Officer Rex Engelbert (nickname LPVO). The man, the myth, the legend who stopped the trans terrorist shooter at the Covenant School in Nashville TN.
Officer Rex Engelbert is an absolute Giga Chad
by Heranic April 20, 2023
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a strong, tall and masculine alpha male commonly refered to Giga Chad.
my friend Asher is an absolute Giga Chad
by Cbum is daddy October 17, 2022
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