The Ultimate Man, the Chad to out Chad all Chads, the Alpha Male of the Alpha Males. If a woman were to look in his direction she would immediately orgasm. His jawline is a perfect 116 degrees. The absolute Chad to end all absolute Chads. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Oh you're in a happy relationship with your girlfriend/wife? This man will kidnap her and give her the most severe case of stockholm syndrome that has ever been seen to man. Next to this superior human you will look like the weakest soy boy faggot in history. TL;DR: This man is an absolute Chad x100000.
"What a fucking Giga Chad." ~ Anyone who's watched cuckold porn.
by JustLetMeMakeAHandle September 21, 2019
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just a wholesome chad running at you in full speed for hug
Is that giga chad?? The chaddest of the chads?? The wholesomest of the wholesome??
by pissboypoopyhead July 15, 2020
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Michael Saylor is Ultra Giga Chad
‘Oh Bitcoin just dropped 50%, I’m going to buy $1.5B worth’ said Michael Saylor, the Ultra Giga Chad
by Bitcoin is the Future June 15, 2021
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Even More of a chad then giga chad, Ultra chad and Alpha chad combined. As soon as women see a ultra giga alpha chad they are instantly drenched and they fall to the ground because of how amazing he is. Legends say When he walks down the street there is a glow that comes from him that is brighter than the brightest star in the universe. Not much is known about the Ultra Giga Alpha Chad since not many people have seen one but it is real I can tell you that much.
by Ultra chad boi December 07, 2020
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