A guitar website based in Russia, so no American rules apply. Therefore, it cannot got shut down because of its tabs. Possibly the most awesome guitar website out there.
All those other tab sites got shut down but UG remains strong, because in soviet russia, tabs shut down you.
by thelivwhoplaysguitar April 15, 2008
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The lan was held in an UG parkment
by Ug Dog May 3, 2005
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I will visit UG next year.
by moejoh November 23, 2017
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The sound made by a dramatic -swallowing saliva-.
UG. That was scary!
by kṣānti March 22, 2010
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known as underage gash- someone who is of a younger age, usually annoying and immature, but still fuckable. The UG may feel they are mature, but they are not. They compensate the fact that they are immature by dressing like a slut, to seem older however, this is just an Illusion.
me:lottie is such a UG, just fuck that and leave
mike: wow i think im in love
me: bruv she just turnt 16 the otherday. dont let the UG powers draw you in
by UG buster May 26, 2010
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Ug-ug is a term used to describe someone, who is usually not only ugly, but dumb as well. This is because of the comical caveman sound effect "Ugh-ugh".
Tom: Hey, Sally! Did you see the new girl at school today?
Sally: Yeah, that bitch was super ug-ug!
by Ookamibito February 24, 2008
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Almost identical to Huge but lacking the H. Is generally considered even bigger than huge.
-"Yeah, the Chrysler Building is huge, but Sears Tower is just UGE!"

-Donald Trump: "Omarosa has a UGE chip on her shoulder."
by GilliamsBrazil September 20, 2007
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