1. a beer brewed at home
2. any of a number of creations or modifications by an individual or group on an amature level at home
"thats a nice mod to your car"
"thank you, it's homebrew"
by drewQ December 8, 2005
A ROM that created by unoffical programmers and load to video game flash card. Most homebrews are free. Homebrew ROMs can be a game , application, image viewer, drawing application, text editor and more.
Look, it's my homebrew PSP Porn Storage! LOL!
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 16, 2008
the worst roblox FE script hub, even worse than sangware

if you use this you should feel bad
person:bruh you using filterware?
skid:nah its homebrew
person:fuck off homeskid
by VanillaWarRoom October 10, 2020
Homebrew is the name for un-signed code that can be run on a PSP System.
BOBBY:"Look at this new homebrew i found, im gonna put it on my PSP now!"
JACKY:"Cool thats some good homebrew app!"
by mupet0000 March 11, 2006
any kind of alcohol/poison that you brew under your bed and hope that your parents don't find it
Me: I got some homebrew brewing under my bed
Friend: If you don't die, can I have some?
Me: You can pay for it
Friend: OK then
by rimthedruid March 6, 2007
1. Another name for amateur pornography. Usually pictures/videos you have taken of your ex girl/boy friends.
"Ok guys, anymore homebrew posted on Something Awful will get you banned"
by smurf June 8, 2007
Yo homebrew, what's crappin'?
by Josh February 20, 2005