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1. Abbreviation for University of Maryland, College Park.
2. The school that is no longer a safety... in more ways than one.
3. The only school worth going to in the state of Maryland.
"Man I really screwed up. I didnt get into UMCP, which was my safety school!"

"Well it's getting to be close to 3pm and it will be dark in about 3 hours at UMCP. I should probably go with somebody so I dont get robbed."
by Michael Wish November 19, 2003
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1. A school where a freshman is bilked for as much money as possible before being shuffled off campus - usually without any idea of where to live - should he DARE to stick around until he is an upperclassman.

2. A school where the people who run it waste money like gibbering jackasses.

3. A school that purchases several $2 million dollar tour busses for the basketball team - which they will then refuse to use.

4. A geographical location wherein the people who give parking violations and the personal servants of the Devil may or may not be the same people - the actual facts are still hotly debated.
"Where the hell am I gonna live next year as a UMCP senior?"

"UMCP spent how much on a tour bus?"

"Those hellspawn from UMCP parking services fucked me good!"
by Trey December 13, 2004
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