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An actual password on an AOL trial disk back in the 1990s. An enema-cowboy is gay man who rides another man like a cowboy rides a horse and penetrates so deeply that it effectively impacts the bowels (like an enema).
Did you see that enema-cowboy?, He's got such a lisp and I heard that he rides Elton John like the wild stallion.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood February 12, 2007
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(from America's Technology Store--the name given to Radio Shack back in the late 1990s/early 2000 zeroes). The Christmas Tree Shops, a place known for selling knicknacks and decorative items. Sometimes you can even buy a celluloid christmas tree there.
Frodo: "I'm going to America's Trinket Store to buy a crystal ball for my garden." Saruman: "Could you get me a minature Santa while you're there? I like his beard."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 13, 2007
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Time-Warner's way to make sure Linux never gets on to too many PCs. You see, if AOL is installed on more computers, users would be forced to use the dial-up modem (tyranny by costliness) which runs only on Windows.
Back in the old days, an aol disk was a floppy disk, which meant they could be reformatted and reused. But now they are a CD-ROM, which wastes plastic for crappy software, software which prohibits you from starting any executable code (even beneficial code) on your computer for the first 5 minutes after you sign on.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 20, 2007
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A pair of trousers that looks, from a distance, like a dress. Usually worn by women aren't proud to be female, yet are deluded into thinking they are doing their part to look girly. Very unoriginal.
Uther:"What a beautiful dress you have on!"
Igraine:"Those are pants."
Uther:"Ho-hum, another unoriginal tomboy wearing the typical fake dress."
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A woman who looks witchy in the modern Pagan sense. Does not necessarily mean she's a witch, but just that she likes Celtic things and loves nature. Usually has long thick black hair with bangs and wears Celtic jewelry and has a shirt with a wolf or other New Age regalia.
This beautiful woman looks so crafty.
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A situation between 2 people where each is waiting for the other's task to finish, so nothing gets done. When you walk down a narrow hallway, and you go to one side so they can get by, then the other person goes to the other side, blocking you again...that is deadlock. Deadlock is also when you go shopping with your mom in a strip mall and you don't say where to meet each other, so you go looking in store A while your mom looks for you in store B, then you get the idea that she's looking in store B, so you go there at the same she decides to look in store A. Named after the computer processing term of the same name.
I always get deadlock when walking down the aisles at the convenience store, they are so narrow.
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A mythical programming language, similar to C++, where you describe in a text file how you want someone to die, usually in a gruesome way, and the compiler 3D renders a video file of the death complete with blood and guts. A game which I wish they would make but the do-gooders won't allow it because they think it will make kids go on killing sprees.

--sample Death++ code:--
/* mayandrink.dpp Mayan Sacrifice */
#include <athame.h>
#include <goblet.h>

while throat(victim1) not bleeding{
waitVblankStart()/* wait for blood to start oozing out */
while throat(victim1) bleeding and goblet not full{
goblet.place(underthroat) /*catch the blood in the goblet */
/* the grand finale! drinking the human blood! */
Lamer1: "I'm bored, lets play the game Dance Dance Revolution:Skyclad Forest Edition!"
Man1: "Naw, let's make a Mayan Sacrifice Ritual video in Death++!"
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