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(from America's Technology Store--the name given to Radio Shack back in the late 1990s/early 2000 zeroes). The Christmas Tree Shops, a place known for selling knicknacks and decorative items. Sometimes you can even buy a celluloid christmas tree there.
Frodo: "I'm going to America's Trinket Store to buy a crystal ball for my garden." Saruman: "Could you get me a minature Santa while you're there? I like his beard."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 13, 2007
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The biggest scam perpetrated on America since Scientology.
GodlyMan:"What a nice girly dress you have."
Atheist4Life:"Don't talk to me like that or I'll sue you for sexual harassment!"
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1. A measure of magical energy, the kind used in role-playing games. Also called Wiccan Action.
2. Electrical energy (not power), usually found in a house coming out of a wall, or in a battery. The amount of energy in one mana depends on what role-playing game the person who is using the word is playing.
1. "You only have 4 mana, which is 1 mana short to make Bombur lose 1 pound of dwarven body fat."
1. "It would take 9 mana to resurrect Mordred."
2. Person A:"Do I need to bring extra camcorder batteries?"
Person B:"No, just bring the adapter, they've got mana at the show."
2. "Central air conditioning uses a lot of mana in 98.6 deg F weather when all the windows in the house are open."
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A situation between 2 people where each is waiting for the other's task to finish, so nothing gets done. When you walk down a narrow hallway, and you go to one side so they can get by, then the other person goes to the other side, blocking you again...that is deadlock. Deadlock is also when you go shopping with your mom in a strip mall and you don't say where to meet each other, so you go looking in store A while your mom looks for you in store B, then you get the idea that she's looking in store B, so you go there at the same she decides to look in store A. Named after the computer processing term of the same name.
I always get deadlock when walking down the aisles at the convenience store, they are so narrow.
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1. A sound heard on a phone system when you pick up the phone and it's ready to make a call. In US telephones this consists of a 350 Hertz and a 440 Hertz sine wave (two pure tones) mixed together.

2. That ominous sound in definition 1 that indicates your girl/boy friend has hung up on you.
1."To make a call, lift the phone off the hook and place it so that the cord is facing downward near your mouth with the two sets of holes facing your head. Then listen for a dial tone. When you get a dial tone, dial the number." (instructions just in case you're Amish or haven't been in a house since 1927)

2. I got into an argument with my S.O. and got a dial tone.
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Describing someone who readily engages in anal-receptive sex. Usually a gay man, but also can be a girl that likes it in the stink. Comes from the fact that most car's exhausts are located in the rear, and the anus is in the same relative place on a human.
The odds are 1 in 146,107,942 that you'll find a priest that doesn't take it up the tailpipe.
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A crystal that actually used to heal the user back in the days when Faeries roamed the earth. Now used by New Agers that think it still works in modern times.
Naddavitch:"I've had the runs since August 2000. Got anything that could help me?"
Enya:"Here, try my healing crystal."
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