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A godly form taken by boys born on sundays(kwesi).
They are also known as the Sun gods.This godly form allows them to move and dogde and prevent any attack without thinking.The body moves with the help of their instinct.
Mugiwara_Kwesi powered up to Ultra Instinct.
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by Mugiwara_Qwesi November 12, 2017
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Form that allows you to subconsciously dodge even the miniscule of things. Essentially, you're fully aware of your surroundings, like you have an eye with circumscopic (360) vision, as well as extremely advanced perception. It's timed though, so eventually you'll revert to your regular form and lose all the benefits.
Ultra Instinct: Imagine you running away from your mom when she's trying to whoop your ass for no good reason. That is, until you lose UI and she begins to whip you like you've never been whipped before
by Ecce! May 07, 2018
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A state of being unconscious and relying only on Instinct alone. A power that even the Gods cant easily obtain.
One of the most Iconic forms in Dragon Ball Super.
Here Goes...Ultra Instinct
by PotatoXD May 10, 2018
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Ultra Instinct Goku or Master Ultra Instinct (UI,MUI)
Beerus:Goku has finally Achieved it.Hasnt he?...

Whis:Yes.Ultra Instinct Goku.
by GodMainia June 22, 2018
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