A big dick nigga that is guaranteed to steal your girl in one glance. Mostly known as a loyal guy
Bruh it's Tyreke hide your bitch and make her block him on all Social Medias.
by Cloutty January 14, 2018
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people who are often smart and good looking
that Tyreke fella is smart isn't he?
by thatnigger23 January 28, 2015
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the most amazing boy in the world, so kind and loving. very sexy, usually light skin. never has nappy hair and it is very soft. he has huge muscles even though he looks skinny and doesn't usually have an ass. he will look at you from across the room and won't talk to you but don't find this creepy, he's just too shy to talk to you. Tyreke always respect his lady and his relationships are for the long-haul. Tyreke is tall but not too tall. he will show you when he likes you if he feels comfortable with you and has a squished face. don't let this throw you off though, he is a beaut. get you a Tyreke and you won't regret it.
Sara: tyreke sent me a yeeter pic the other day because i wanted one and he is just so thoughtful man was it big
by mydiznlitliv December 17, 2017
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Funny, outgoing, loving, athletic ... But likes to make money
Tyreke is pretty outgoing.
by SniperGang23 December 21, 2016
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Tyreke they are mostly short black and fine as hell don’t tell them that it will boost there ego bigger than it already is they sometimes can have a big ass and big dick to go with it they are kind and mostly Athletic and they are quick to anger they are very argumentative and will make fun of you they are kinda of a player good luck to you if your in a relationship with them
You seen that fine ass football player over there

His name is Tyreke
by That smart bitch October 21, 2019
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A person who likes jokes and having fun. Can be a bit of an ass sometimes but is usually just making a joke and people misunderstand him.
Person A: Do you hear about the new kid Tyreke?
Person B: Yeah I did! He was really funny
by NoImNotAttractedToPans December 30, 2020
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Dark short big dick and usually like girls with the name ayshia Natalya Sophia and more names
He is cute nice roast people and hate the bitch word and love money and weed
by I love me some Tyreke March 15, 2019
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