A courageous person with the strength and endurance to survive in any environment.
My son is a Tyger, so I know he'll be fine moving to a city where he doesn't know anybody.
by Effen Amadeus November 25, 2011
Wild orgasm of anal sex in which the female growls like a tiger.
Mick and Marl had a gay tyger in their pink flowered bed.
by BushKicks April 14, 2004
The Tyger is a very sad individual. He surfs the internet looking for forums, typically of the bowling variety. He tries to use witty remarks to insult others for no apparent reason but has one fatal flaw: He's a freakin idiot. Others laugh when they see his "insults", and feel pity that someone like this actually is out there. Numerous times has he been "served", but either he is too incompetent to realize he had just been verbally bitch-slapped, or he realized that he's an idiot and decides to attempt a pathetic insult. The Tyger's hobbies include: picking on other's grammar then fucking up himself and saying "Ah glad to see you caught my test" or some bullshit like that, criticizing any and all posts made in a forum for no reason at all, and trying to be e-cool, but ultimately failing and likely one day committing suicide. THe life of The Tyger is a sad one, but one can not help but snicker at such a stupid motherfucker.
OH great, the tyger is here, let's go before his stupidity suffocates us.
by Georgey Dubya March 25, 2005
Glam/hair metal band from ireland.

Fans known as EAZY KYTTENS.

Sometimes features Richard Kearns.
EAZY TYGER raped my eardrums and i think i loved it.. :O
will i have kYttens now?
by meat4yourbucket March 24, 2011
A derogatory term used when someone is being a bit of a dill hole
Man 1: hey you, kill yourself you pee pee licker

Man 2: Hey bud, you're being a Tyger Smashtown right now, and I frankly, don't appreciate it.
by Betty Smashtown April 19, 2019
When you stick dildos to your back and call yourself a stegosaurus.
Why are you being a dirty Tyger walking through the house?
by Joe Brandon February 11, 2022
Grace and Tyger are in love with each other but deny it, they are always flirting and a little touchy touchy. Everyone knows they will get married even though grace currently ‘likes his best friend’
Person 1: look grace and tyger are flirting again
Tyger and grace: oMg StAwP wE aRe JuSt FrIeNdS
by Tyger boromeo April 11, 2022