A very strange intresting man with dreams to change the world! Dedcribed as a stunningly handsome fine young lad that excells in studies. Perhaps the next most interesting man in the world...
Oh boy marl hes so handsome I might die! *faints
by yellow submarines July 10, 2014
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Fecal matter on your finger following an errant wipe or toilet paper malfunction.

Sometimes when you're on the toilet, the wipe doesn't go as planned, when this happens you could end up with "Marl" on your finger.
Whenever I drop a duce in a gas station bathroom, the TP is so thin, I almost always end up with marl on my finger.
by blu3boy January 8, 2014
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1. (Noun) A Dwarven character in an MMORPG (esp World of Warcraft) famous for running around naked making suicidal attacks on players waaaay out of his league. Known by some as "Marl, the Naked Kamikaze Dwarf Explorer", or "MarlTNKDE".

2. (Verb) To take delight in deliberate suiciding an enemy territory in an MMORPG (esp World of Warcraft)

3. (adjective) Over-eager to partake in suicidal exploration of any area which spells certain death for the explorer.

4. Marl-like. Acting in any way like Marl.
1. "I saw Marl today!"
2. "Yeah - I saw someone marl Orgrimmar today..."
3. "Rob's being really Marl today...."
4. "That's very Marl."
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A beautiful very special person who is amazing. The one and only. Much loved by everybody. Straight from heaven. Will take you to another dimension. Makes her boyfriend very happy.
Wow its Marle! The most amazing girl on the planet!
by Rabubbi November 17, 2016
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1) A sexy hot tomboy princess with golden hair who lives by her own rules.
2) A girl who goes to a millenial fair and bumps into a boy named Crono and goes on an adventure to save the world from a beasty named Lavos.
Marle: (Arguing with King) I didn't "pick up" anything! It's called "common sense!"

Marle: (To Lucca) Enough with the false modesty! You have a real gift! I would trade my royal ancestry for your genius in a heartbeat!
by Somechick_73 September 17, 2008
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Marles is the typical name for someone who has a ginger face. They don't actually have ginger hair but you call them ginger because it pisses them off. they also have a fit as fuck sister
fuck off marles
by kavnerd February 28, 2018
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A smart intelligent gorgeous young female.
She has this thing about her that the more you're around her the more you fall in love with her.
She's everything a guy wants; smart, gorgeous, sexy, funny, and has that great personality, who wouldnt try to get at her?
Think Marled is perfection.
Marled's the funniest and prettiest girl out there.

If you the chance with Marled you better keep her.
She's drop dead gorgeous.
by Tagger____ March 22, 2014
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