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People who are e-cool generally have no social life, or are completely insecure about the one they have.
They seek constant acceptance amongst their online brethren by proudly displaying every achievement of their meaningful lives for others to see. Favorite topics amongst those who adhere to the e-cool ethos include doing drugs, drinking loads and still being fine (or being hardcore, see "Ripper") or whenever they've pulled a girl. Either way, denizens of the internet mock their pathetic attempts at social interaction and proceed to flame them. The veracity of such claims is generally unfounded, which makes it even funnier when it all falls apart and turns out to be a lie.
Jordan Eppy / Intensity
Daz :p
by :p January 01, 2004
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total fuckhead.

somebody who is a total fuckhead and argues you and thinks they "win" on the internet due to their own ignorance and stupidity.

these people usually hide their head in the sand and ignore the real world.
person1: man... did you see that tryhard who always jumps on the bandwagon

person2: yes i sure did, his name is DAMO46 and is a massive ignorant fool who thinks he is so E-cool. total failure at life though.
by inutama July 13, 2009
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To be 'cool' online, having peons and ops in lots of IRC channels, being the ownage in online games. But no one knows you are a 200 pound fatty sitting on the computer. Yay for the internet prism.
coL.Warden is so eCool. = google him.
by opps[x5] 4 iZZy August 16, 2006
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