To get unexpectedly screwed over. Usually referred to in office lingo for getting screwed over on a travel schedule or promised conditions. Origination of the term is unknown.
“I was assigned to travel overseas to an exotic location working for an international client. Instead I was Flowered and ended up sharing a tiny cabin on a cruise ship under construction for weeks with a welder named Vladimir.
by CJ1970 March 14, 2019
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To get sent to the other end of a ship for no necessary reason.
Chris Flowered my ass over to the Jamie's Italian but the newbuild guys hadn't put a podium in yet for the phone. I had to flower to the conference room and explain why no phones for Jamie.
by GeicoSaves10 July 15, 2019
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"We smoked a lot of flower last night, and got completely stoned"
by Ravenrose November 23, 2015
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Flowers are visually stunning, sticky and wonderfully smelling cannabis buds.
John was dry until he was able to find some quality flowers through his local medical dispensary.
by Oneironauts July 09, 2012
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The most evil creature in the world, known for it's tendency to use humans as slaves in places known as "Gardens". These things take hours and hours of life away from their human slaves, and give nothing in return. There is only one creature more evil than a flower, and that is a kitten.
Geraniums ( flower ) suck my blood.
by FlowerResistance July 10, 2008
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The Vagina but for quirky Christian girls.
Nick: "Damn, this ice cream is so smooth and creamy."
Ryn: "Almost as much as my flower"
by bNick47 July 17, 2019
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