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A homosexual term used to describe a young man (usually between 18-25) that has the face of a twink, with the physique of a hunk. Usually a twunk's body is not as "ripped" as a "hunk", but if they went to the gym, the twunk could have the body of a hunk.
That Twunk should either loose some weight and shave all his body hair off to call himself a twink, or go to Planet Fitness to work out and be a full fledged HUNK! He is SO confusing!
by TWUNK90 July 17, 2010
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Like a twink, but older.
"We were talking in the greenroom about gay categories—bear, cubs—and Levi asked what his type would be. We decided a twink, but older, so we anointed him a 'twunk.'"

- Dan Savage, via Playgirl
by chixemeritus December 22, 2009
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An old worn out twink. Usually between the ages of 28-40 that has premature aging (leathery skin) from excessive use of tanning beds and has an orangy glow. He still shaves or waxes his entire body in an attempt to appear youthful. His eyebrows are usually arched and thin much like a woman's. Often twunks still shop at Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, and Hollister and wear too tight neon polos and destroyed jeans. Twunks sometimes get botox and other plastic surgery that often feminizes their features.

Twunks are known to lie about their age and act like a 16 year old in order to get "in" with younger guys. Much like a twink they will also act like a dramaqueen/child if their attempts to hit on you fail.

Twunks usually hang out with young gay boys usually 16-20. Which is the their age limit for friends, hookups, or boyfriends.
Twunk: Dude, you are soooo cute. We should, like, hang out sometime.

Me: Sorry, I'm not interested.

Twunk: Fuck you! You're fucking ugly anyway! You're probably a whore and have AIDs! No one here wants your ugly ass! (he will then proceed to tell everyone he knows that you are a whore with AIDs)

Me: *rolls eyes

Friend: That twunk had to be at least 45...damn.
by PartyMonsterT March 30, 2010
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n. past tense of "twink", a has-been "twink". Gay American slang. Negative connotation.

1) A late 20s early 30s gay male who still dresses and behaves in an immature and age-inappropriate manner.
Girl, John is a total twunk! He's almost thirty and still wearing American Eagle, A&F cologne, and thinks that his eating disorder is a substitute for exercise!
by smartdogg May 28, 2011
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A hybrid musical genre originating in Manchester, England blending the twee melodies and lyrics of folk and contemporary bands such as Belle & Sebastian, with the incisive aggression of noise-pop punk groups such as Erase Errata and The Platinum Spires.

Anticipated Future Directions:
Twunk Rock

Twunk musicians are a peaceable folk, interested in all manner of crafts and haberdashery and can often be found milling around in large social gatherings outside branches of Hobbeycraft at weekends.
"The Bobbed Haired Bandits are the best new twunk band in Britain"
by The Office Misfits December 19, 2006
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An overweight twink.

The twink is the slender, often androgynous gay sprite, usually in his twenties, who can be seen in a variety of venues frequented by gay men.

The twunk is the twink who has lost his svelte figure.
That twunk Mickey has finally faced reality. He's bringing his old disco-wear to the Salvation Army Store down on Fifth Street.
by Bud J. August 09, 2009
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Using Twitter or "Tweeting" whilst under the influnce of alchohol.
I really need to stop the twunk, I posted this last night. @mogulmonkey Is there anything sexier than a drunk eating cornflakes in his pants?
by mogulmonkey December 13, 2009
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